Expunctions & Nondisclosure

A criminal record from the past can haunt your present and future in significant ways. With a criminal arrest on your record, you may be passed over for employment, housing and educational opportunities. Criminal records don't go anywhere unless you are proactive about expunging or sealing them. An experienced expunction and nondisclosure lawyer can help.

At The Molina Law Firm, we help clients with expunctions and nondisclosure orders, which are two means of erasing, or at least limiting the impact of, a criminal record. Once your record is expunged or sealed, you will be able to truthfully and legally deny the arrest is on your record.

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If your arrest resulted in dismissal of charges or acquittal, it can be effectively erased with an expunction. To determine if you are eligible for an expunction, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.

Orders For Nondisclosure

When an arrest results in deferred adjudication, it can only be sealed with an order for nondisclosure. If you obtain an order for nondisclosure, the record will still be available to law enforcement officials, but not to private parties such as employers or landlords.

You Can Only Erase Arrests, Not Convictions

If your arrest resulted in a conviction, you cannot have that record sealed or expunged.

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