San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal arrest is an urgent matter that must be handled with care. At The Molina Law Firm, we provide skilled, proactive criminal defense representation to clients in San Antonio and throughout the surrounding areas.

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Trust Your Defense Case To A Former Prosecutor

As former prosecutors, we know how prosecutors build their cases. We also know how to dismantle those cases to protect our clients' rights. The scope of our criminal law practice includes:

  • DWI: Including first-time DWI and second, third and felony drunk driving charges.
  • Traffic tickets: Fighting traffic tickets for all drivers, including CDL truck drivers and others who rely on their license for their livelihood.
  • Drug crimes: Defending clients against all drug crime charges, including possession, trafficking, meth lab and grow house violations.
  • Violent crimes: Handling a broad range of violent crime cases, including those involving allegations of assault, aggravated assault, robbery, aggravated robbery and murder.
  • Sex crimes: Protecting the rights of those accused of sexual assault, child pornography and other sex crimes in Texas.
  • Theft crimes: Fighting theft charges and other property crime charges such as burglary.
  • Arson: Defending the rights of those accused of arson and related crimes involving defrauding insurance companies by intentionally burning vehicles and other property.
  • White collar crimes: Including fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and Internet crimes.
  • Probation and parole: Representing clients seeking probation and parole as well as those accused of probation violations.
  • Expunctions and nondisclosure: Helping clients clear or seal a criminal record.
  • Representing military personnel: Including veterans and active military service members stationed at Kelly AFB, Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB and other military bases in the San Antonio area.
  • Student crimes: Protecting the rights and futures of students at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Trinity University, St. Mary's University, Alamo Community Colleges and other local schools.
  • Juvenile offenses: Helping young people and their parents avoid the negative consequences of the juvenile justice system.

We understand that you likely have questions and are very concerned about your future. I can help you understand your rights and provide you with the guidance you need at this critical time.

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